Bloodstock Final Experience and Moving Forward

The band was gutted not to win the final of the Bloodstock competition but we were delighted with the response from the sold out crowd to our set, and proud to have reached that point having won all our heats and finals as champions to that point.  We’ve took great impetus from it and have enjoyed the test of playing under pressure and are taking the momentum into our little following gig run around the north west, particularly the manchester area, before we hit the studio during July to record new material for the first time in forever.

We hope it will be received as well as the new songs have been received at our live shows.

We are always hunting gigs and welcome any enquiries via or on our FB pages.

After having to turn down offers to play there 3 times in one week it feels like fate that we got a late offer to play Manchester Grand Central next week. One of our favourite rock pub haunts.  Sure to be a great laugh.  Come get damaged.


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